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President Aquino’s biggest accomplishment for 2011

December 24, 2011

According to President Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino III, “his biggest accomplishment for 2011 has to do with giving back to Filipinos the mindset that there is hope for the country, and that change is possible” (Phil. News Agency, 2011). Indeed, under his rule in 2011, many Filipinos have again begun to believe that change is possible. But not in the way Aquino and his Communications Group envisioned…

My skeptical friends will ask me “Proof?”

There is plenty.

Under his rule, the farmers of Hacienda Luisita felt that there is hope in finally reclaiming the land which was stolen from them decades ago. Not due to Aquino’s foot-dragging, or the sham land reform program known as CARPER, but because the farmers themselves have occupied parts of the Hacienda and planted it with rice and vegetables.

Under his rule, national minorities, farmers, fisherfolk, and other victims of environmental destruction of foreign mining corporations, have felt that there is hope that the rape of the earth will stop. Not due to Aquino’s pro-large scale mining policy, or the Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources which acts as a spokesperson of foreign mining corporations, but because the New People’s Army recently blasted some of the biggest mines in Northern Mindanao last September.

Under his rule, students and other youths have felt that there is hope that they will have a brighter future. Not due to Aquino’s budget cuts to education and other social services, his job-generation policy which focuses on having more of us work abroad, or his economic policy of cutting down on workers’ rights to encourage foreign investors. But because they begun to realize that they can shut down entire schools, roads, and bring the entire nation to a halt should they wish to.

Under his rule, the Filipino people are realizing that change is possible. Not because of whatever Noynoy has done and or is about to do, but because of what they see and hear from other shores: of U.S-backed dictators being ousted in Tunisia and Egypt, of Occupy Wall Street spreading from New York to everywhere else, of students and workers holding general strikes in Europe, of hundreds of thousands of people revolting and taking up arms in India and Turkey.

Yes, President Aquino. Under you, your inutile, callous, pro-landlord, pro-elite, pro-foreign corporation leadership, we have realized that change is possible: not under you, nor any of your kind. But when the 99% of the Filipino people finally rise up and take the power from your kind.

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  1. December 24, 2011 10:09 am

    Northeast Mindanao yung NPA Attacks.

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