Pledge-a-Vote for KABATAAN, Satur, & Liza

What are “Pledge Votes”?

A “pledge vote” is what you call when a registered voter “pledges” to vote for a certain candidate/set of candidates. In our case, we are asking people to “pledge” their votes on May 10 for KABATAAN Partylist, and Satur Ocampo & Liza Maza for Senator.

We have the biggest and most active online presence among all the partylist groups in our country. However, the elections is not measured by how many Facebook friends we have, but by how many votes we get. That is why we have to “convert” our online fans and supporters into actual votes come Election Day.

How to Get “Pledge Votes”

1. Compose a message asking your friends and other contacts to vote for KABATAAN Partylist, and Satur Ocampo & Liza Maza, and explaining why they should vote for them. Send it using E-mail, Facebook Messaging, Friendster Messaging, Multiply Messaging, etc.

We HIGHLY encourage you to make your own message. However, you can also use this template message:

Hi [insert recipient’s name],

I am writing to you on behalf of KABATAAN Partylist to ask you to vote for real change on May 10, 2010.

How can we tell which candidates are really for change? We believe the key is in the saying “Actions speak louder than words”. Candidates can, and should be assessed based on their platforms, and what they have done while in office.

Why vote for KABATAAN Partylist? Here are the top three reasons:

1. KABATAAN has authored/co-authored many important bills, such as: the Anti-‘No Permit, No Exam’ Act, the BPO Workers’ Protection Act, the Styrofoam Ban Act, and the Free Special Education Bill.

2. KABATAAN has launched many campaigns for the benefit of the youth and the people, including the extension of the voter registration period, the Tulong Kabataan relief drive for Ondoy victims, and Hotlines against Forced Grad Fees and the ‘No Permit, No Exam’ policy.

3. KABATAAN is consistent and unwavering in its call for the State to uphold the rights of the youth and the people, as embodied by its Platform “E4 All: Education & Employment, Environment & Nat’l Patrimony, End Corruption & Tyranny, Equality & Empowerment”.

(For more info, go to: and

We are also asking you to vote for the two most-qualified and most-dedicated Senatoriables in the present race, Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza. Here’s the top two reasons why you should make them your top two senators:

1. Their track record in serving the people is unmatched. For several decades, in many capacities, they have tirelessly worked to uplift the marginalized and less-fortunate in our society: as a journalist (Satur), teacher (Liza), anti-dictatorship activists, and now, partylist representatives. Their commitment has never wavered, not even in the face of persecution and personal harm, such as when they were part of the “Batasan 5”. This has earned the respect of many, including their critics.

2. Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza are two of the most-hardworking members of Congress today. Together, they have authored/co-authored many important LAWS such as the Anti-Torture Law, Abolition of the Death Penalty, Magna Carta of Women, Overseas Absentee Voting, Tax Relief for Minimum Wage Earners, Strengthening of the Public Attorney’s Office, Anti-Violence against Women & Children, Rent Control, and Anti-Trafficking in Persons.

The need for the new politics of change remain as urgent as ever. But Satur, Liza, and KABATAAN cannot do this on their own. They need our support: that’s why I’m personally asking you to pledge to vote for KABATAAN Partylist, and Satur Ocampo & Liza Maza for Senators.

Please reply to this Letter with your response.

[insert your name here]

2. Whenever someone “pledges” their vote, get the following information: name, contact number, email, and the place/district where they are registered. Then go to this website [] and input the information.

Why are we getting this information? Because on Election Day itself, we will call/text our “pledge voters” to remind them to vote. And whenever there are important updates/announcements regarding the elections, we will inform them through email and text. We will not use this information for any reason outside of that.

3. Answer questions and inquiries about our partylist, candidates, achievements, and platform in a polite and proper manner. Remember, we already have sources of information that are available with one click, so there is no excuse to be impolite and unprepared.


About our Platform:
About our Achievements:
About Satur Ocampo:
About Liza Maza:

Additional Tips

We believe in the saying “The more, the merrier”. So ask your friends to take part in the “Pledge-a-Vote” campaign too. Tell them to join the Facebook group “KABATAAN Online Team” so we can easily coordinate each other’s efforts. And if you aren’t a member of the Online Team yet, join NOW.

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3 Responses to Pledge-a-Vote for KABATAAN, Satur, & Liza

  1. grace says:


    • radulce says:

      salamat sa comment grace, pero sa tingin ko sigurado naman ako na malinaw ang mensahe ng aking blog entry na bumoto tayo para sa KABATAAN, at kay Satur at Liza.

      mas maganda kung yung mga nakasulat dun sa blog entry ko ay gagawin natin mismo. oks ba yun?

  2. Makaka-asa kayu sa aming pwersa at supporta!

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