Supporting KABATAAN Partylist 1,2,3

1. Build your Online Presence

According to one survey, 70% of all Filipinos are unaware of the partylist system. According to another, for those who are aware, only 3% will vote for KABATAAN. In short, most people still haven’t heard of KABATAAN Partylist or even just the partylist system. Building your online presence means turning your “presence” in the Internet into one huge advertisement for KABATAAN. It’s like installing posters and banners in your house: whenever someone passes, they read the words “KABATAAN Partylist”, their curiosity is aroused, and they just might vote or even volunteer for us.

– Use KABATAAN poster-designs as your profile pic in Facebook, Friendster, Tumblr, Multiply, Plurk, Twitter, YM, etc. We recommend the following:

Kabataan Partylist

– Install “blog badges” in your blog/website’s sidebar. The code of some of the badges are available at:

– Always repost material from KABATAAN’s official accounts in social networking sites and website. In Tumblr, its the “Reblog” option. In Facebook, its the “Share” option. And always use the TAG option (type @[name of person]) to increase the chances of the tagged people reading what you shared.

– Good examples of advertising using one’s blog are:

2. Get the Votes

Now you’ve got to turn that publicity into actual votes. You can email your friends & contacts, message them thru Facebook etc., even text them. Ask them to vote for KABATAAN Partylist AND Satur Ocampo AND Liza Maza. Explain to them why they should vote for all three. The entire step-by-step instructions is at

This is VERY important. Yes, KABATAAN is one of the most popular partylists now, especially online. But it won’t matter if all our online fans and followers dont turn up to vote on May 10. That’s why we have to get them to pledge their votes.

DO NOT just share and repost the link to the Petition. GET the required personal info and log it in the Petition for them. The more they have to do, the less chance that lazy voters will pledge their votes for us.

GETTING THEIR INFORMATION is important because in the days before the Elections, we will be texting and emailing them with all the information they need to be able to vote, as well as remind them to ACTUALLY vote. It is not important that we have 30,000+ fans in Facebook, it is important to have pledge votes.

3. The More, The Merrier

Get more people to help in our Online Campaign by doing #1 and #2. If someone who pledges his/her vote wants do more, or if you know a KABATAAN member who is unable to help campaign in the communities, ask them to help us out in the Online Campaign. Remember, we’re aiming for at least 200,000 pledged votes before May 10.

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2 Responses to Supporting KABATAAN Partylist 1,2,3

  1. cleve says:

    Sariling gawa yung mga name supports Kabataan Partylist badges?

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