Is there a link between farmers’ landlessness and disaster risk?

While reviewing some of the data for our office’s Yolanda recovery program, I thought I saw a trend. So in the spirit of procrastination, I decided to: 1) take the total number of families that we surveyed per province 2) take the percentage of #1 which are ‘tenant-farmers’ and 3) take the percentage of #1 who identified themselves as ‘high-risk’ in relation to disasters.

peasant landlessness and disaster risk

It should be noted that the office did not introduce a single, standardized set of criteria to identify who has high, medium, and low risk (in the event of another Yolanda-strength typhoon). Each community, during a series of community meetings, was asked to identify the criteria. Some examples are: What features are needed so that my house will not be destroyed? What materials? How much income do I need so I can easily rebuild?

So what do you think? Is there a link between the number of landless farmers in any given area, and their perception of how their risk is during a disaster?

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