Bonifacio, indeed, Ang Unang Pangulo

To all my blog followers, check out my friend’s review on B:AUP. She raised many points which I either forgot to include in mine, or I didn’t observe but I totally agree with. Special emphasis on
1) Specific accurate details in the battle scenes
2) The need for a Bonifacio ‘war movie’
3) It would’ve been better to put more emphasis on the movie’s subtitle ‘Di pa Tapos ang Rebolusyon’


Bonifacio 1b

Finally, after days of planning and scheming how to get an extra nanny to help us babysit the kids (Leica, Boris, and Boni), my mother came over last Sunday so Buck and I wasted no time and went to Greenhills pronto to watch Bonifacio: Ange Unang Pangulo. Here’s our take on the film.

The movie was almost what we need to relive and finally give justice to a great hero. It was almost epic, it almost achieved greatness, it almost justified Andres Bonifacio. Almost.

There are many high points. Robin Padilla is the perfect Andres Bonifacio, given his real-life grit and passion, his flame and fervor which gave his portrayal a flavor you can almost taste. I like it that he was not insecure about his scars, and a true revolutionary is proud of his scars. The problem is the director and the script.

Teka, high points muna: My…

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