A list of what government will try to hide next

If you agree that Dinky Soliman should’ve hidden the street children of Manila from the Pope, here’s 9 other things/people that should be hidden the next time a VIP comes around

like a rolling stone


After successfully hiding the poor during the Pope’s visit, here’s a list of other things government will be trying to hide in the future. As proven by DSWD secretary Dinky Soliman, no problem is big enough that it can’t be hidden from the world.

  1. Metro Manila traffic – Government desperately wants to hide this after the Philippines ranked 9th worst in the world recently. Since providing efficient mass transportation is not on the government’s agenda, Davids Blaine and Copperfield are being tapped and paid to create their biggest illusion ever, a traffic-free EDSA during rush hour.Metro Manilans' daily calvary. Thanks to Inquirer for photo.

  1. Pork Barrel Scam Congressmen/Senators –It would be good to see them finally behind bars. However, that would require actual hard work and political will; two things that are sorely missing in this government. And so, to avoid all of those complications, the accused congressmen and senators will remain hidden in some far-away resort where they…

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