A short comment on my “favorite” Diliman student leaders

[Photo deleted upon request]

Just a short observation on the UP Diliman political party that I love… to expose and make fun of.

After noticing that some of the “student leaders” in my College liked the Facebook fanpage of this party, and because I’m quite bored as of the very moment, I clicked the link.

Lo and behold, I was greeted by this proclamation (pictured above) of this party’s so-called achievements. As a member of that kindly-named genre of UP students called “super seniors”, I’ve decided to add a little commentary to this proclamation.

First off, I looked for the year 2006. For all you freshies out there, this was the year that the 300% Tuition and Other Fee Increase was passed. The protests against the TOFI culminated in a barricading (yes, a real life barricading) of the UP Diliman Quezon Hall by students from UPD, UPM, and UPLB. This was THE University of the Philippines event in 2006. Yet, based on this party’s fanpage, it’s as if it never happened. But there’s an alternative theory to the one supposing that this party suffers from collective amnesia. If you did something shameful in the past, wouldn’t you try to block it from your memory? Like, supporting the TOFI? Yes, I’m pretty sure one would try to forget that memory.

I quickly noticed that they mentioned that there were “bigger gains” the following year. But they did not expound on whatever those gains were. Just curious: could bigger gains = bigger revenue for UP? Well if that was the definition, 2007 was certainly a year of “bigger gains”.

Now let’s go back to 2004, the year where they first won a majority in the USC. Now try to remember one of the biggest issues hounding the current president. Come again? What was it? Yes, Hacienda Luisita. And when did the Luisita Massacre happen? November 2004, smack in the middle of the 2004-2005 USC’s term. Any mention on whatever they did regarding the issue? Nope. I think Noynoy did more on the issue (supporting the massacre).

And since the issue of an insufficient budget for the University of the Philippines is in vogue right now, can you see any mention of their support for the fight for greater state subsidy? I guessed as much. And that’s not surprising, considering that they’ve said time and time again that it’s unrealistic to expect greater state subsidy for UP.

Now where was this party during the Sept. 24 walkout? My dear Diliman friends, your guess is as good as mine.

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