Budget Cut Bullshit

The latest bullshit from the government regarding budget cuts to education. Quotes from this article.

… (CHED executive director Atty. Julito) Vitriolo admitted the budget of each of the 111 SUCs nationwide is based on performance and enrollment.’

– UP receives the biggest budget cut in its history. Following Vitriolo’s logic, it means that a) the performance of UP students (performance on what?) deteriorated, and/or b) the number of UP students decreased.

Of course the performance of UP will decrease. How can you expect its output (ex. thesis proposals, inventions, projects, etc.) when they aren’t receiving more funding through better facilities and project grants? It’s like starving a cow and then killing the animal just because she doesn’t give enough milk!

Same thing with a hypothetical decrease in the number of UP students. Student and teacher-activists have been shouting about the issue all along: it’s because of the 300% Tuition and Other Fee Increase, which in turn was caused by a series of annual budget cuts. Again, it was the budget cut which caused this situation, and they are using it to justify another round of budget cuts.

‘”It is important for the SUCs to be self-sufficient so that they will be more effective in their teaching,” Vitriolo said.’

How can SUCs be more effective if they are self-sufficient? From whose viewpoint will they be more effective?

When I was in my first year in UP, a major campus debate centered on the fact that San Miguel Corporation bought the rights to a thesis proposal by a Biology (or was it MBB?) student. The proposal contained a way to improve the process of creating yeast. This would have been a major help to developing bread, and would have helped in food production HAD the government subsidized UP. But now, only a private corporation will benefit from the process because the funding of SUCs have increasingly been left in the hands of such corporations!

This was previously mentioned by Sen. Angara a few days earlier. He said SUCs should focus on selling their ‘intellectual output’. Yes, that will indeed make SUCs more effective: as the extensions of the research divisions of private corporations!! But as ‘factories’ which produce people who will contribute to national development? Definitely not.

‘According to UP Assistant Vice President for Public Affairs Wendell Capili, the budget is only enough for the salary of the teachers and non-teaching staff as well as basic expenses like light and electricity, but there is no money to upgrade facilities and laboratories that are crucial for students’ learning.’

This reflects what we have been saying all along. The 2011 SUC budget cut seems smaller because the PS (Personnel Services) part of the budget increased AUTOMATICALLY due to the Salary Standardization Law 3.Not a single centavo has been allocated for the CO (Capital Outlay) part of the budget which is used to upgrade facilities and laboratories. Noynoy is definitely anti-SUC.

‘However, Capili stressed, “it is not the mandate of the university to make money. Our job is to educate and train students.”

Capili said they don’t want spend so much time and energy rasising funds, so he is appealing to the government to prioritize education.’

– Basic. Bingo.

– As a last note, activists have been saying all through out the Gloria Arroyo years that allowing SUC administrations to undertake IGPs (income generating projects) will give the government more excuses to cut our budgets in the future. Ladies and gentlemen, the future has arrived:

‘The University of the Philippines in Diliman, for example, which is already suffering from budget cuts, has already undertaken other means to raise funds. The university has leased a portion of its land to the Ayala Corporation, for the UP-Ayala Technohub, and the university has allowed its faculty to work as consultants of the Ayala group to make up for their low salary.’

– This November, it’s time for a mean SOB against budget cuts: Strikes. Occupations. Boycotts.

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6 Responses to Budget Cut Bullshit

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  2. Barry says:

    the stinkiest bullshit ever, since Aquino’s is indeed a phenomenal budget cut!

  3. I posted your Blog regarding the SUCs’ Budget Cut to the page above.. thank you!!

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