fearless forecast

This is my fearless forecast of the next Administration.

– Farmland will remain a monopoly of a few landlord families. Most will resort to giving away stocks to their tenant-farmers, or altogether destroy the land and construct subdivisions and malls and golf courses, to avoid giving away their holdings to the peasants.

– At best, some workers will receive a wage hike which won’t be even enough to cover their daily transportation expenses. Most however, won’t be so lucky since they will be affected by the continued widespread practice of contractualization. Many will take their chances, and lose in their gambles, working overseas. The gap between wages and prices will continue to grow as taxes such as the E-VAT and policies such as the Oil Deregulation Law remain in place.

– In the rural areas, political dynasties will be untouched as their haciendas and farms are exempted from agrarian reform. The national government, true to its pre-election pronouncements, will not make any moves to dismantle their private armies.

– The government will continue to avoid the responsibility of ensuring everyone has access to a quality education by providing sufficient funding. It will continue to plead that foreign debt payments are inviolable. It will instead popularize terms such as “socialized education” to make the raising of tuition and other fees in schools, as well as other money-making schemes, seem acceptable to students and parents. It will try to distract the public by making it seem that the problem of education lies elsewhere and propose ideas such as more years in elementary and high school.

– With dissatisfaction setting in at an early stage, the military and the administration will set a new deadline to crush the communist insurgency, but will instead target activists and other legal dissidents and critics of the government. The red-tagging of cause-oriented groups will be followed by a rash, if not a bloody tide, of extra-judicial killings and enforced disappearances. More and more industrial and farm workers’ strikes will be broken up either by unfair laws or by the military. Leftist lawmakers will be subject to ceaseless harassment, such as the continued withholding of their pork barrels and the filing of trumped-up charges.

– As the street protests against the regime grow in attendance, militancy, and aims, certain “progressive” figures and groups associated with the regime will again jump-ship. They will again wait for the next opportunity to hijack a new administration since the present one has been discredited.

– The revolutionary option will remain valid as ever. But the “progressives” will again discredit this option as “outdated” and “obsolete”. And the masses will again bear another cycle of hardship, false hopes, and broken promises as their only option is again taken away from them.

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