No sympathy for the #SAF44

I am one of the persons who are least expected to show sympathy to the 44 slain policemen in Mamasapano, Maguindanao.

I can never forget how the PNP victimizes the innocent: from kotong cops who prey on jeep, bus, and taxi drivers; to those who are members of criminal syndicates; to ‘civil disturbance’ units who brutally attack informal settlers during demolitions and those who participated in the Hacienda Luisita Massacre.

Back in my college days, I was even on the receiving end of police violence as a participant in street protests. I can never forget the overjoyed expressions of the cops as they busted our foreheads with their clubs, or while they chased as until we could barely breathe.

Also, I am uncomfortable with calling the SAF 44 ‘heroes’ as it reinforces the black-and-white view that all Muslims/Moros are evil.

But really, it’s hard not to feel any sympathy towards them, even if I don’t consider them heroes.

I’m sure the 44 believed that being part of the PNP was a contribution to the common good. It’s not something I agree with.

But I’m pretty certain that they did not consider part of their ‘contribution to the common good’ being sent to a suicide mission just so the corrupt PNP chief could score some pogi points with the public while Noynoy and company pockets the $7 million bounty for the alleged terrorist.

I’m also certain their ‘contribution’ did not include being used as an excuse to scrap the peace talks between the MILF and the Manila government, plunge Mindanao back into the horrors of all-out war, and earn more awards and opportunities for corrupt generals to enrich themselves.

The police are some of the few remaining Filipinos who willingly believe, listen, and obey to the ‘President’ of this Republic as their commander-in-chief: either because they believed he was knew what he was doing, or because that was how they were trained. Either way, the person they died for couldn’t even tell us the whole truth of what led to their deaths. He couldn’t be there to ‘welcome’ the fallen as their caskets were unloaded from the C-130s. When he arrived, he was late and gave an insincere apology.

They believed, they bled, and they died. All in the mistaken belief that their Commander-in-Chief was worth the sacrifice. If this is how the ‘President’ treats his most trusted men, imagine how he treats everyone else.


Quote of the Day:

A soldier was speaking—from the Five Hundred and Forty-eight Division, wherever and whatever that was:

“Comrades,” he cried, and there was real anguish in his drawn face and despairing gestures. “The people at the top are always calling upon us to sacrifice more, sacrifice more, while those who have everything are left unmolested.

“We are at war with Germany. Would we invite German generals to serve on our Staff? Well we’re at war with the capitalists too, and yet we invite them into our Government.

“The soldier says, ‘Show me what I am fighting for. Is it Constantinople, or is it free Russia? Is it the democracy, or is it the capitalist plunderers? If you can prove to me that I am defending the Revolution then I’ll go out and fight without capital punishment to force me.’

“When the land belongs to the peasants, and the factories to the workers, and the power to the Soviets, then we’ll know we have something to fight for, and we’ll fight for it!

– 10 Days that Shook the World, John Reed

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4 Responses to No sympathy for the #SAF44

  1. Ruth Lorenzo says:

    But these fallen 44 are a different breed of policemen from our kotong police. They’re actually that one faction in our police force that are composed of people who have the integrity hence the reason why they ended up in the SAF. Those kotong police may not even have the qualifications of entering the SAF hence the reason why they just end up in our streets trying to do stupid lawless stuff. For someone to end up in the SAF, they should be willing to undergo rigorous training, get assigned to far-flung places and actually have a strong sense of integrity. Apparently the training that the police in the streets is less rigorous than those of SAF’s, hence the reason why some of the policemen in our streets are so fat; because they don’t need to move around as much as the SAF officers have to and they can eat anytime they want and no one gives a damn unless a higher police chief shows up or something. Our SAF officers probably don’t get to eat a lot, especially considering where they get sent. Walang Jollibee, McDonalds o maraming sidewalk vendors sa mga lugar kung saan ang SAF pinipwesto. I understand where you’re coming from because like you, I have also heard a lot of credible stories of our policemen abusing their posts. These SAF officers are protecting our country not just because some Benigno Aquino III told them to but even if you placed a different president there, they would still protect our country because that’s really their duty. Sad to say the person who gives them orders is a very incompetent one. If he knew he was that incompetent, he should have just given up his presidential post to someone more deserving, in fact, he should have just given up his slot in Ateneo to a student who is more deserving than him.

    To be honest, I wouldn’t wait for 2016 anymore for us to get a new president. If everyone in this country had a willpower strong enough to kick this incompetent man out of his office then why not. We’ve got enough for five years. Heck, even Ukraine which has more conflict than us kicked their former president out after four years when they realized that he was really incompetent for the job (the former president was elected in 2010, Euromaidan took place four years later and well, that former president was really kicked out, he even disappeared from the country after that).

    So why shouldn’t the Philippines do the same when we have more freedom and less conflict? Should we wait for someone to injure our freedom some more and add more conflict to what we already have? We shouldn’t just settle with asking #NasaanAngPangulo and simply being able to find our president at last, we should be finding and firing him from being “our boss”. Apologies for the really long comment but it has to be said. Also, a final note, I believe it’s fine to refer to our 44 fallen heroes as heroes because the person they’re after are not every single Muslim in our country, they’re after someone who has committed a crime against humanity who happens to be a Muslim. Trust me, these 44 people know that not all Muslims are bad. In fact, one of them are Muslims.

    • Jerry Mouse says:

      Not one Muslim…………SAF Hero…………….but TWO….2 SAF Muslim Heroes….died for the common good of everybody.

  2. Znardar says:

    Yeah not all religious people are evil. But don’t you agree that Religion, particularly the Abrahamic ones have caused so much strife in the world? or is that only Christianity’s fault?

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