Our fanaticism

I detect double-speak here. Draconian measures are being put in place to prevent those who fell victim to Yolanda and to subsequent government criminal neglect from getting the ear of the popular Pope. And yet in the literal surge of people that can happen in Metro Manila, nothing is said about adequate security measures.

Are the poor and oppressed being barred from having even the briefest moment with the Pope, in the guise of security?

Fanaticism has many faces.

Barbershop Politics

Two dead.  A total 1,575 persons were treated for cuts, bruises, dizziness and hypertension, said Gwen Pang, secretary general of the Philippine Red Cross (PRC). Estimates of the number of devotees that joined the procession ranged from 1 million, to 5.5 million by the Philippine National Police.

On television, watching the sea of humanity in a mindless, directionless ebb and flow was frightening. This ritual is being tolerated by Church and State authorities, despite the deaths and injuries. The deaths this year is not the first. And authorities even have made obtuse comments about the ritual being a dry-run to the Pope’s visit. Really? Then I shudder in the thought of 6 million people all trying to claw their way to the Pope, walking on other people’s heads just to touch the Pope! What is the security plan in place if Filipinos show their devotion as they did last 9…

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