President Bong?

They say Bong Revilla is eyeing the presidency this 2016. Here are three reasons why it’s not as far-fetched as one might think.

1. A case of ‘History repeats itself’?

First, the obvious: we keep electing public officials who were either convicted or charged for plunder in their previous posts, or their relatives. Erap is now mayor of the city of Manila, Gloria Arroyo became Pampanga’s representative in Congress, while various Marcoses are either in the Lower House or Senate.

Regardless of whether Bong is dead serious or not, there is plenty of precedent for a supposedly disgraced public official making a comeback.

2. It’s one of the oldest tactics in public relations and election tactics

Even if Revilla isn’t serious about running in 2016, it’s actually a relatively good PR tactic. Or it may be the only PR tactic left in his arsenal.

As any avid fan of basketball knows, one key to winning a game is ‘dictating the pace’. Or in other words, the battle should be fought based on your terms and rules. And that’s what Bong is trying to do: change the focus of the public debate from whether he’s guilty or not (or whether he will be convicted or not) to whether he will win in 2016 or not.

For the senator’s embattled PR team, every second spent discussing their boss’s 2016 chances is a second not spent discussing Revilla the way Malacañang wants the public to.

3. He’s betting Noynoy will keep screwing things up

Now, it’s a whole different thing if the senator is dead serious. He’s know betting that President Aquino will screw the country in his remaining two years so badly that it will have a positive effect on anyone who is perceived to be anti-Noynoy.

Familiar with how Hitler and Mussolini got to power? Same principle. The German and Italian peoples blamed their respective governments for the hardship caused by the Great Depression that they elected two leaders (and their parties) who promised just about everything the incumbents couldn’t bring and reverse just about everything the incumbents did.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the first to say this: Mar Roxas will never win because of Aquino’s ‘kiss of death’, and Binay will not allow himself to become Noynoy’s ‘anointed one’ for the same reason. Being anti-Noynoy will be THE issue for 2016, and Bong Revilla (if he is serious) is trying to beat everyone to the bandwagon.

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