pro-TFI, pro-Admin: sa isip, salita, at gawa

A fellow member of ANAKBAYAN was kind enough to give me a link to a certain FB conversation regarding the recent PUP protests. Figuring in the said conversation are members of a self-proclaimed Leftist group in our country, Akbayan. Here are a few telling sentences from the horses’ mouths:

Tuition Fee Increases may be to them a just cause

Ok. So for them (referring to PUP’s progressive local party SAMASA, progressive youth groups such as Anakbayan and LFS), tuition fee increases are a just cause. But why differentiate between “them” and “us” (referring to their group, Akbayan, and their allied organizations)? What is the thing that differentiates the two camps? The answer is in the sentence topic itself: the almost-2000% tuition fee increase in the PUP. The position of the “reds” is an uncompromising opposition to the hike. How about the other side?

Historically, the Akbayan camp has always taken the side of the Administration when it comes to the issue of Tuition and Other Fee Increases. My personal experience was when the 300% TOFI was passed last 2006. On the day of the passing itself, Akbayan was absent from the protest/barricade at the UP Diliman administration building. One of their member organizations even held an ostentatious Christmas party while the protest was ongoing (of course, they now claim they were anti-TOFI from the very start, but that’s another story).

Why has the yellow camp taken such a position?

They (SAMASA et. al) are not benefiting the PUP students (in reference to throwing of chairs)

Here’s a simple question: will future PUP students not benefit from the junking of the TFI proposal? Is Akbayan seriously telling us that a P188 per unit increase in tuition will not have negative effects on future batches of PUP students? Are they for real? And perhaps the most important question of all: What the hell have they been smoking?

A quote from one Akbayan candidate running for the UP Diliman University Student Council sheds light behind the logic of their statement: Education is a right-in the ideal world. In other words, they subscribe to the logic that we cannot do anything about the seemingly perpetual underfunding of our education sector, thus we must accept things as they are. To make it more “acceptable”, they suddenly put a limit to how we are entitled to the universal right to education: only up to the high school level.

“The First Quarter Storm” was a widely accepted action of the students then because of the growing despotism of the Marcos Regime. Now is different… we have now (sic) more opportunities and medium to engage the State

Now there is a differentiation between the Marcos and Arroyo Regimes. Judging from their statement, they judge the present Regime to be “better” than the former. According to them, there are more opportunities and medium to engage the State. In other words, they find Gloria Arroyo more democratic than Ferdinand Marcos!

Even just a quick look at human rights statistics in this country would belie such a claim: More activists were killed per day during 2005, 2006, and 2007, as compared to any year under Marcos. Marcos killed, abducted, and tortured more simply because he had more years to work with. But in terms of the Hitler Award, Arroyo is the real “hard-working” leader. Just because there is no “officially declared” Martial Law means there is no martial law.

What is their basis for saying Arroyo is more democratic than Marcos? I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the AFP praising Akbayan as a “good left party”.

Those who speak one way and perform the other way, they aren’t real nationalists

Exactly. So why are you insulting yourselves?

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  1. James Saguino says:

    andito yung pic na yan.

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