Remembering Tania Domingo, artist and revolutionary

“Artists and youth can learn a lot from the short yet meaningful life of Tania Domingo. Hers is a death as heavy as the proverbial Sierra Madre. Unlike polticians, no monument made of stone will be erected in her honor. But she will be remembered in the songs, poems and works of the people’s struggle. Her memorial will be built in the hearts of the oppressed masses who are forever grateful for her sacrifice.”

like a rolling stone

I first met Tania in the summer of 2009, while we were preparing for the 15th anniversary of the UP-based cultural group Alay Sining. We had founded Alay Sining in1994 and thought it would be great to bring together old and new members to perform and share stories. Tania was then coordinating the University-wide Alay Sining chapter. She was among the most enthusiastic about the idea of the anniversary.

She was a young, giggling Fine Arts student who at an early age, had to step up to the plate and lead an activist group of visual artists, singers and writers in UP.

Nineteen-year Twenty-year-old Constancia Isidora “Tania” Domingo seemed like any other student her age. I remember her to be quite cheerful and seemed care-free. But she also appeared to have a deep sense of responsibility for others. She knew what she wanted to do in life.

Her taste in…

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