The 5 Arguments Yellow Zombies Always Use

Yellow Zombies (YZs): an increasingly popular term in Philippine cyberspace, referring to supporters of the Aquino administration, and their supposed mindless attitude towards the President. Whether you believe that they are people who have been victimized by effective propaganda, or fake Facebook accounts operated under a sinister government project, YZs always make for entertaining debates in Facebook and Twitter.

With Aquino’s popularity tumbling down due to the DAP Scandal, rising prices, etc., YZs have become noisier online. While their volume has increased, the majority of their various arguments can be summarized into any of the five categories:

1. The Economic Progress Argument (TEPA)

Examples: Umuunlad na ang ekonomiya dahil kay Noynoy, May tiwala na sa atin ang investors, Tumaas ang ating credit rating

Yellow Zombies love to copy-paste loaded terms like ‘stock market’ and ‘credit upgrade’ as if they were 100% accurate indicators of a country’s progress, and as if good grades in such indicators automatically meant that the lives of Filipinos are improving.

This, of course, goes against the daily experiences of many Filipinos: they have either gotten poorer, or at the very least, their financial situation hasn’t improved.

Corollaries: Tamad ang Mahihirap; Magbanat ka ng buto; Wag umasa sa gobyerno

When presented with data which debunks TEPA, Yellow Zombies actually do not deny the data (indirectly admitting that poverty has worsened under Aquino). Instead, they claim that the poor are lazy (without actually considering the diskarte the poor perform on a daily basis to make ends meet), or that the poor are over-reliant on the government (ignoring the basic rule that only the State, and not private entities, can provide basic social services).

2. The Anti-Corruption Argument (TACA)

Example: Kung wala si Noynoy, di mawawala ang PDAF

YZs are quick to claim that Aquino is anti-corruption, citing cases such as the abolition of the PDAF; filing of charges vs. Enrile and Co.; and prosecution of former  President Arroyo and her allies.

On the other hand, these anti-corruption ‘achievements’ all target the administration’s political foes. In instances where administration allies are involved, such as Budget Secretary Abad and the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), the president has actually gone on to defend the latter.

Corollaries: Di kinurakot ang DAP; Walang evidence

YZs will then claim that there is no evidence supporting the claim that there was corruption involving the DAP, or that the president is outright innocent. But they do not apply the same principle whenever the president’s political opponents are also accused of corruption.

3. The Lesser Evil Argument (TLEA)

Examples: Di perfect si Noynoy, pero mas gusto ko siya kesa sa mga iba

In any normal debate, the pro-Aquino side will admit the weaknesses of their argument after TEPA and TACA have been discussed. But YZs will sidestep the issue by making comparisons to previous presidents. This shows how ordinary people are reduced into numbers who should be thankful that corruption and poverty isn’t allegedly as bad as in the past, instead of living beings who are made miserable by the government’s failure.

Corollary: Di na nakuntento mga Pilipino; Lahat nalang gusto ipa-impeach

This reduces ordinary people into beggars who, instead of demanding the full recognition of their human rights, should be thankful for what little the government can give them.

4. The Boogeyman Argument (TBA)

Siguro ikaw ay (professional rallyist, bayaran, komunista, pro-Marcos, pro-Binay)

When TEPA, TACA, and TLEA fails, YZs will try to put their opponents on the defensive by accusing them of being someone who is dedicated to bring down the government, again ignoring their counterparts’ legitimate observations and demands.

This often has hilarious results as YZs indiscriminately use the above labels. For example, activists (i.e Bayan, KMU, Gabriela) are called pro-Marcos, even though they were among the staunchest opponents of the late dictator, or pro-Binay even though they also abhor him as ‘a different face of the same ruling elite’.

Ironically, the practice of accusing all of their opponents as ‘communists’ was prevalent under Marcos, someone YZs supposedly hate.

Corollary: Kasalanan ito ni GMA;

Apparently, GMA is some sorcerer who still controls the Philippines from behind metaphorical bars.

5. The Patience Argument (TPA)

Example: Di agad ramdam ang pagbabago

This used to be popular from 2010 to 2012, as YZs made use of the honeymoon period concept popularized by the mass media. But nowadays, even supporters of Aquino during the 2010 polls are now endorsing the impeachment complaints filed in Congress.

Corollary: Maraming pinsala na iniwan si GMA; Di magbabago ang bansa overnight

Overnight ≠ 4 years. Enough said.


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