Young Trapos

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it – Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s chief propagandist

At the homestretch of the UP Diliman student council elections, a candidate of one of the two pseudo-progressive student parties in the said campus was caught making some wild claims. How wild? It’s Erap-para-sa-mahirap wild.

Here are ALYANSA’s claims:

1. ALYANSA pushed for the extension of the voter registration period

As you can see, there are several UP Diliman students in the petition: Crisostomo, Merced, and Valenzuela. All who are members of STAND UP. Can anyone find an ALYANSA member in the petition? I’m willing to give you my entire month’s working allowance if you can.

A Business Administration senior, Norman Tubera, half-jokingly commented that we should invite ALYANSA to join KABATAAN Partylist so they can say that they were part of the voter registration extension. Anyhow, if you are a tad too slow, what I’m trying to say here is that ALYANSA is not a member of KABATAAN.

2. ALYANSA organized the historic Dec. 15,2006 protest against the 300% Tuition and Other Fee Increase

Check out this picture of the said rally: participating organizations have their flags/colors at the front of the barricade. Most prominent is that of ANAKBAYAN and the League of Filipino Students (the red flags). There is also the Student Christian Movement of the Philippines and the artist collective Alay Sining (the white flags). Further into the background are Gabriela (the purple flags) and the Pi Sigma Fraternity (the black flag).

Another proof: the organizer of the said rally was the UMAKSYON alliance. It included students and student orgs from all across the UP System, but ALYANSA was definitely not part of the alliance. UMAKSYON even includes non-student groups like the teachers’ group CONTEND. And you can certainly ask them if ALYANSA organized the protest. Even the Student Regent at that time, Raffy Jones Sanchez from UP Visayas, denies that ALYANSA played any part in the protest, except to mock it.

My final proof? I was the emcee of the program during the entire protest, stopping only to eat a quick lunch when the protesters followed the Board of Regents into the College of Law. Not once did anyone from ALYANSA approach me, nor did I see anyone from their group in the program.

I dare anyone from ALYANSA to show any written proof that they were members of UMAKSYON or Aklasang UP, the two system-wide UP alliances which opposed the 300% Tuition and Other Fee Increase.

This is nothing but a blatant display of traditional politics. For lack of any real and significant achievements BOTH IN AND OUT of office, the February activists (or those who suddenly become visible and claim to be activists every February) manufacture them instead. This reminds me of

I call on every UP student, from Baguio to Mindanao, to condemn the lies and hypocrisy of these Februarians. They should not only withdraw from the student council race, they should actually disband their parties for a true student leader and Iskolar ng Bayan never lies about his/her achievements because there is no need to, because they have done all they can for the students and for the people.

P.S Already I’m hearing reports that a student party in UP Manila is guilty of the same. Abangan sa susunod!

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8 Responses to Young Trapos

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  2. radulce says:

    to kawawa ka naman. halatang wala kang mag-disprove sa mga points ko kaya namemersonal ka. ang trapo nyo talaga. ni-hindi mo malagay tunay na email mo para magkaroon ng debate. cheaaaaaaaap.

  3. SA TOTOO LANG napakatagal ko ng kawani at residente ng RIPADA pag may mga problema kami sa komyuniti tulad noong 2007 tangkang pagdemolis ng boung ripada hindi ko naman nakita ang mga anino ng mga yan , ang kagyat naming nagiging kaagapay ay mga anak bayan, lfs at stand up , sila ang tuloy tuloy ang pagkilos kahit hindi usc eleksyon , nagtataka nga ako kung bakit parang kabuti ang mga yan sumosulpot lang pag may kulog, sana bumalik yuong dating UP na kilala ko na pag may issue local o national iisa ang tinig at sana huag naman nilang gawing prestigio ang pagiging kandidato o pagiging usc opiser. dahil hindi naman ito usapin ng pagiging sikat,ito ay usapin at reflection ng boung anyo ng iskolar ng bayan .

  4. bhen aguihon says:

    parepost sa facebook a.

  5. gulaman says:

    naalala ko lang… sikat nun yung isang org sa cssp dahil nag-pa-party during the whole protest action against the 300% tuition hike.

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