Why I don’t give a sh*t about the Binay investigations

1. The Senate investigations are like a fart

They are loud, they are smelly, but most of the time, they contain nothing significant.

The current Senate Blue Ribbon Committee has conducted 13 investigations (and 70 hearings) since it was born until the end of 2014. Only three of the investigations led to recommendations for bills/laws. None of these recommendations involved anything regarding Binay, his family, and their alleged corruption.

(c) GMA News Special Assignments Team

(c) GMA News Special Assignments Team

2. The Senate investigations only target certain people

Just about anyone with a brain has suspected for a long time that the investigations target only a certain group. But finally, here’s some data that proves it:

subject matters of blue ribbon comm hearings

(c) GMA News Special Assignment Team

30% or almost a third of all the hearings targeted only administration opponents: the PDAF scam (in which all of the jailed senators are from the opposition), and Binay’s corruption cases.

On the other hand, hearings regarding wrongdoing of the administration and its allies are limited to around 10%: the Malampaya fund scam, the overpriced Iloilo Convention Center, and alleged election cheating.

3. The Senate investigations are like a reality show

Just like Pinoy Big Brother or Survivor, the Senate investigations involve real people. But thanks to a director and production cast which works behind the scenes, these real people are manipulated into doings things in front of the camera. Viewers, like us, see real people but not authentic events.

Personally, I think the charges against Binay are true (or at least, have some valid elements). But why only now? Does it have something to do with the fact that the national elections are just a year away? Or that Binay is (for now) the frontrunner of the presidential race? Or that Noynoy’s anointed one is lagging behind? And do you really think these are real questions or just rhetorical ones?

Those who already followed the news at the time of the 2010 election campaign have probably noticed a pattern now: the early frontrunner is not from the Liberal Party; the frontrunner claims (oh come on, surely you don’t believe Villar and Binay are ‘poor’?) that he represents the poor; the frontrunner is bombarded with accusations of corruption and other wrongdoing; none of the accusations stick, but his popularity ratings crash;

As older, wiser people say: Those who do not learn from the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat it.

4. I want a real anti-corruption campaign, not a selective one

The message being broadcasted through mainstream and social media by the 2016 Liberal Party campaign is that if you do not support the Binay investigations, you support corruption.

That assumes that only Binay and the current opposition are the ones who are corrupt and commit/committed wrongdoing.

Which, of course, is dead wrong. (read more here)

reject corruption pope francis

Which is why whenever I see a Binay investigation on TV, I’ll be reaching for the remote and see if any channel is playing Spongebob Squarepants.

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