Young Trapos II

1.ALYANSA organized the historic Dec. 15, 2006 rally against the 300% UP Tuition & Other Fee Increase.

Alyansa? Aba, uber yan ha… Grabe may limit naman ang constructivist (Bruner) character ng memory… Pinagmukha pa nilang barbaric yung whole undertaking before… Tapos sila raw nag-organize nun? Kahit si VP Leonen nagsabi dat (in a dialog after Dec. 15) na may mga organizations daw na iba ang position re: ToFI kaysa sa STAND UP “crowd” kaya lang baka “di sila nakapag-organize”. Ibig sabihin, wala sila dun nung Dec. 15.

Raffy Jones Sanchez, the UP Student Regent during the time of the passing of the TOFI

Found in this official UP article: Among the UPD constituents who expressed their support for the TFI were the faculty members of the School of Economics (SE), the CBA and the CBA Student Council. Can someone guess which party was ruling the CBA SC then? We’ll give you a clue: ALYANSA.

2. We (ALYANSA) have ousted a corrupt President in 2001

Excuse me, wasn’t ALYANSA founded after Edsa 2? Their own website says so: One decade ago, out of the movement that ousted a president who symbolized decadence and excess, we formed UP Alyansa. Clearly, ALYANSA didn’t exist before or even during the Edsa 2 uprising.

For the record, who are the first UP orgs to call for Erap’s ouster? The first org was the UP Diliman chapter of ANAKBAYAN, while the first student party was STAND UP.

3.We have defended the Manininda’s tenure in UP in 2005

Was it defense, or bumuntot? As far as I remember, the entire campaign was organized by the Office of the Student Regent and STAND UP. I’m not saying my memory is 100% correct, but the former and present Presidents of the UP Manininda disagree with ALYANSA’s claim. You can always ask Ate Edna in person, her stall is at the Vinzons Hall.

4.We (ALYANSA) spoke out against fraternity-related violence all throughout our ten years.

Yes, except when pictures of a certain fraternity’s hazing rites came out. Coincidentally, this does seem to include your Chairperson candidate.

5.Instead of immediately calling for the junking of the UP Charter, ALYANSA called for key revisions that would make the Charter pro-student and pro-University. Some of these key revisions are the following: …including a Staff Regent, in order to maximize sectoral participation in the University’s decision-making;

Really? That’s not what we hear from the Staff Regent, as well as the teachers and staff employees’ groups in UP Diliman say. (will follow this up with more details later)

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